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Breaking the Sadness


I am the daemon
Crying and pushing myself up!
From the hell you created in my mind.
Remember now I dont need any rhyme…
To prove m breaking the dungeon
Slowly escaping from the hive
Filled with regret, shame & sadness of mine.

It’s like innocent droplets of fog
on that spider web
Reflecting the brittle, fragile flare
Depicting myself as a hog.

Break through?
Seemed easy at the beginning!
But reality has fed me so hard
Leaving a glimpse of felicity in my vicinity!
It is almost impossible now
to break through without breaking my own heart!

So what to do?
Now! Yes m asking you!
Now answer, huh quite obvious…
To my sadness there is no cue!

I remember!
The time without this pain…
I promise!!
Today or never
This is going to an end!….

Written: 13/2/11 :: 1:17 am


  1. Debanjalee

    tor moddhe ato kotha thakte pare jantam..but biswas kortamna..aj biswas korlam ae lekha ta pore..plz dnt stop writing..plzzz


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