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Exploring the emptiness


Finally I started out!
With a little chortle.
Deep inside my mind though
There is a huge hurdle…
Knowing it isn easy to pass
through the barrier of loneliness…
Pulling me back from every step I try to make on the grass,
Yet trying to separate myself from the mass.

On my way of exploring…
I learnt to enjoy
Because lack of accompany
gave me the idea of improvising,
Enriching my mind with divine excellence
Experience and determination being the grit,
Conned how not to exaggerate and think of relevance.

This exploration is not conventional!
It’s rather the discovery of true destination’s’…
Filled with surprises and turn overs,
Yes, this is somewhat emotional.
This is not about thinking what others think
this is all about understanding ‘the’ LIFE
Exploring the emptiness to get rid of it!!!

Written: 8/3/11 12:31 am


  1. viv


  2. Abhishek Ray

    jst kono kotha hobe na………. tobe vai 2nd para..

  3. SK

    Khub valo re, Aaj bujhte parchhi kaal tui amake exact ki bojhate chaichhili.

  4. bink

    Wow! this is exactly what’s in my heart and in my mind! Amazing c”)


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