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What is Love?
The question itself is so beautiful!
Full of emotion, thoughts and feelings
Yet unanswerable,
But not because I am doubtful!

Some kind of immense feelings
gives pleasure to my mind
when I think of her!
Really? Here lies the irony,
coz I don’t have to think of her!
Her occupancy has spread
throughout my conscience,
that it just happens and turned out to be my spontaneity
Her blabber has become the music of my life!
To be be with her is all what I want,
apart from knowing the fact,
that I simply love her!

Ah! I just ran out of words
to explain my feelings!
But that does not matter….
B’coz how much I care about her
is not measurable,
So as, te feelings itself is unexplainable
From balls to bones,
Loving someone is simply about knowing the fact
that you Love her!
Realizing the connection the word implies
which makes your commitment indestructible!

At the end of the day,
I don’t go and tell her
how much I love her!
Rather I make her feel
how much I feel about her!
This is all about what loving someone is!
Without expecting anything from her…
Rather I see the complete image,
when I am with her!


2nd Sep, 2011
My first attempt to explain something unexplainable!


  1. Rituparna

    its beautiful .. :)

  2. Ray

    can be better…….

  3. I m impressed! Am i in LOVE?

  4. silu

    Love is simply attraction of sexual activity, please read Sigmund Freud, psychoanalyst of Germany. There is only sex, no love in the world. Love can be created via immense and exreme spiritual practive, which tends to be one day, ie if you love some one, you will never hate that one even if that will kill you. Buddha can love, Mahabhir can love, Christ can love. Love is heighest position which is attainable through the steps of sex only. First sex, then love happens.No sex , no creation in the world. Sounds good? by the way, I am also technologist.

    • swashata

      I was wondering whether these words came from the mouth of a girl or a guy! But whatever, are you sure that you are not frustrated?

      • Koray Tugay

        silu sounds reasonable to me except there is one love that is love of a mother to her kid.

  5. dude ur jqury plugin url not working can u check it.


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