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Me & My Life


My life is like a morphine
As if the endless ocean is my home
and ‘m flattering like a dolphin!
Ah! It’s suppressed with exaggerated feelings
Hiding my insaneness and sanity
Trying to live far away from the reality…
Cursing everything, others might have taken as blessing!

I know it feels awkward
Deep down my heart
I know ‘m not upto the mark!

I have lost my fluency
‘M sick of running against the flow!
I am too tired, my life is pale
I wanna go out and breath,
I don’t want to spend my life in this hell!!

Freedom is what my life needs,
Slavery under emotion is
What I need to release.

I am too lethargic now,
Turning my life into a mess,
Reason? Well…
My inevitable habit of bragging myself
Getting too much overconfident
Achieving a very little of success.

I know,
What I have achieved is just a part of future…
My life deserves more
Lethargy is going to smash the whole structure.

Ah! It’s decided now,
I am not going to ruin my life
I am going to live again,
With a fresh start
Cracking my way from the sharp edge of the knife!!

Written: 10/2/11 Midnight!


  1. Anie

    Really nice

  2. nice poet , thx


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