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Realizing the reasons

line Whatever happens, happens for a reason!"

They say whatever happens, happens for a reason. But after all I have experienced, I think it is rather my realization which rationalizes reasons behind everything. Otherwise, there would have been no improvement of my thinking. Or may be perhaps, over time, my realizations are getting strong enough to rationalize the actual reasons for which things had happened.

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  1. Bee

    Most of the time, that realization happens on hindsight, when the emotions that a situation caused us have diminished and we can see clearer. It is then when we begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle and understand the bigger picture. when that happens, your mind catches up with your higher self that knew all along that there was a purpose for the experience. While we are experiencing something, we are doing it from a narrow perspective, just seeing a small portion of the bigger picture. When the experience ceases to exist, we step back and can see the bigger area of the same picture.


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